Getting noticed in the online marketplace?
It's no easy task.

What, with A/B testing, reputation management, SEO, social media, new must-have apps every day...

Not to mention the 24/7 internet buffet of free advice that can, well, make us all a little gassy in the brain...

It’s complicated, the whole marketing thing.

So instead of reaching for the nearest glass of zin (or worse, the cat tube), go ahead and have a look around. I think you'll discover something strangely comforting: That there are people in the world who can't get enough of it. People who enjoy turning the complicated into the smart, easy & irresistible. People who won't necessarily tell you to jump on the latest craze either, but instead, take a deep look (and a deep breath) and calmly consider what makes the most sense for your business.

People Like Kim.


A small-but-mighty marketing shop that can help take your business from bobbin’ along to making bank – with love-at-first sight websites, words that sizzle, and refreshingly sensible marketing that’s designed to meet your business needs.


"Kim is not only a skilled marketer and a clever visual artist, she's also got a terrific sense of humor which is important in today's business world."
– David Meerman Scott


No, no, no. Thank you.

  • Kim is a blessing to work with. In a hectic creative space, her flexibility is as valuable as the extra mile effort she gives every project. Quality process, quality projects, and a quality partner for your next website.
    Elliott Bastien Morin, Creative Director
    3Motion Creative, San Francisco
  • As a copywriter for Renaissance's new website content, Kim provided fresh and engaging language. Her marketing insight, professional approach and enthusiasm were much appreciated by our staff! Thanks so much, Kim!
    Maria Kelly, Manager of Evaluation, Marketing & Special Projects
    Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, San Francisco
  • Kim is a true professional. I was extremely lucky to get a referral to Kim when I needed a new website created for my business. Kim was efficient, patient and very committed to delivering the best product. I appreciated her attention to detail and willingness to be there to support me each step of the way!
    Adriana M.
    Filmmaker, Teacher, Arts Therapist
  • This whole thing kicks ASS! Thanks Kim! Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Traci R.
    Entrepreneur, Magazine Editor, Community Activist
  • Kim has a wide range of experience which is great because she can see many angles of a problem and come up with creative solutions. I have been lucky to have her advise me in everything from writing style to promotional/marketing ideas. She has always been able to quickly find the key message and deliver value whenever we work together. Besides her excellent skills and talent, she is kind, funny, and brings a positive energy to everything she does.
    Jeremy R.
    Small Business Owner
  • I was thrilled with the work Kim did. She completely captured the essence of what I wanted to communicate to runners and walkers. I’m sure it was quite a challenge for her because I gave her a lot of raw material (too much) but she was able to extract the key messages and present them in a lively, fun and engaging way. Throughout the process she presented great ideas. It was a great, collaborative experience. She is a talented writer and designer and is fun and easy to work with.
    Hazel W.
    Small Business Owner


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